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When you start playing poker the first thing you need to understand is the importance of position. Sometimes your position plays a crucial part in poker. The player who sits in the last position usually has an advantage.

Position Reciprocity

Poker is a game of chances and to win the game you need to think about every hand. But it is not possible to do that in every situation. Position reciprocity makes us understand that the person acting last in most of the time has the advantage not the one who acts last in one hand only.

When you are acting last you can understand the game and also you have enough time to react. You can understand what you should do to change the game in your favor.


In case of high-low poker, if you get nine then that is known as the worst card. An ace is considered as the best card. The button is the best position and the small blind is undoubtedly the worst position in this game. If you are in the small blind you need to understand what to fold and get the button.  

Even if you act second that is better than acting first. If in case there are three people and the second one call raise then.  The third one will flop and that way the second person will have to act last. Just like this you need to analyze the situations and act according to that. Undoubtedly the first position is the worst position in poker.

Being Last to Act

If you are the last one to act then you can understand the game and then play your cards accordingly. It is always good to be the last one in poker. You can decide the flops and pre flops and the game will surely seem easier to you.

The Hijack Seat

Right side at the button the seat is names as the cut off seat. Many people call it a vague seat too. This position has immense power and that why the cut off seat name is there. The seat right side of the cut off seat has power too and that is why the experts call it the hijack seat.  But if you check the seats right at the hijack seat you can understand that the position value is not so good there. That sis why there is no such names given to those positions. You can call them as early positions. These early position always have three positions left behind them. Those three positions are hijack, cut off and button. You need to be a smart and fast thinker. Poker does not give you a lot of time to think. When you got the last position utilize the benefits so that you can play poker even better. The early position can never provide you great opportunities. Usually these positions do suffer a lot from over exposure. You always need to play the bet that can make you the game and the pot. This is a game of calculation and you need to take all the benefits here.