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One of the most effective ways of achieving success in the game of poker is by concealing one’s tell. Tells are actually audible and visual clues that most players accidentally gives out to their opponent. This in turn assists their opponents to analyze the relative position of the other player ion the game. As a result the opponent will be in a better position to make his next moves in the game.

Before learning to conceal your tells you must first learn about the different types of tell that exist in the game of poker. In general there are three types of tells – the visual tells, the audible tells and the betting tells. The visual tells are generally based upon the player’s physical movements. The audible tells are based upon the player’s speech. Whereas, the betting tells are based upon the player’s betting pattern.

The best way of concealing your tell from your opponent is by normalizing your betting and body movement. For instance, in case when you are betting it is always advisable to adapt a consistent style of putting your chips in the pot. Whether you are splash your chips or pushing your chips out in a stack, or use some other technique that is not important. What matters is that you adapt the same style through the entire game. In other words repeat the same style over and over again like a robot some that your opponent may not be able to generate important hints from the way you put your chip and execute his movements in the poker game accordingly.

Hide the tells

When it comes to conceal the visual and audible tells you will have to learn to standardize your body movement, especially your breathing and eye movement. For instance, when you are better placed in the game your eyes tends to glow and you tend to look confident. In most case you also tend to maintain eye contact with your opponent. Whereas, when you find yourself in a difficult position on the poker game you tend to avoid maintaining eye contact with your opponent. You may not be aware of such moments but you opponent can easily pick valuable inputs from all such tells. So to avoid giving out hints to your opponent it is advisable for you to avoid any eye contact with your opponent as far as possible through out the game.

Another way of hiding your tell from your opponent is to standardize your breathing. This is because it is quite common for the players to hold their breath while breathing. As a result the opponent will pick up valuable inputs from the breathing pattern of the player and will accordingly play his game. So therefore, it is very important for the players to standardize their breathing by control their emotions.

Ask questions

Another technique that most players use to pick up hints is by asking question to the opponent players. The unusual voice modulation of the players provides them with valuable inputs regarding the position of the other player in the game. Depending on this input the player will accordingly frame their game. So therefore, to avoid giving out tells it is suggested that you talking with your opponent as far as possible.

The above suggestions must have given you certain clear ideas regarding how to conceal your tells in the game of poker. You can master the above mentioned tips with regular practice. The important thing to remember here is to standardize your behavior as much as possible.  Always remember that your opponent is always observing your every movement. So you must try to normalize your body movement and thought process. As a result your opponent will find it to difficult to get valuable hints from your body language and will be no position to make necessary game plans.