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All poker myths are generated out of the incompetency and incompatibility on the part of the player and as long as you can concentrate and improve your game considerably you will have no reason to believe in them. Myths are often used to mislead and to make you depend on factors that actually don’t exist. Don’t allow the myths to become more important than your playing abilities. Great players don’t believe in myths but they become myths and once you have achieved your position you can really understand what a myth is all about and how there is no reason behind their existence.
There are a number of things like luck, money, popularity and mystery behind the myths associated with a particular thing. This is applicable to online poker too and like all other myths poker myths too are baseless and have no reasonable foundation behind them. The irrational myths often make things difficult for new players and to make things worse there are the self announced online poker professionals to misguide new players.
Surely you know that the player’s skill matters much in poker. But what if you feel like trying your luck, pure and simple? Online roulette is one of the ways to do that. While roulette has many myths of its own, hardly anything depends on you, which is exactly what attracts people to places like, where you can find a place to play that suits you best.
The Myths:
The myth that requires to be busted first is that “The best player is always a winner”. This is perhaps the most misleading of all poker myths. Though it often compels you to improve upon your style and game strategy but always winning is something just impossible and even the greatest poker player can never achieve this feet in his whole poker career. If you are really too good then you can expect a maximum of 60% to 80% chance of winning your sessions and never more than that. That means even a beginner has 20-40% chance of winning against the place of the world and considering the difference in expertise the value of the odds for and against you is pretty significant.
The second poker myth that can really put a limit to a player is that all great players are naturally gifted and you can really never train and practice yourself to greatness unless you are born gifted. Like all other poker myths there is no logical reason behind it too. A stubborn mind can really counter a gift and any player requires both of them on his way to greatness. With hard work, extensive study and proper strategies you can really improve your game and without these things even the most gifted player can never be a champion.
Another myth that can really put your capabilities as a good poker player under a question mark is that all online poker rooms are rigged. The other poker myths that we have already discussed may have their origin in the incompatibility of the player but this one is created out of lack of information. Every online poker site is a public company monitored by the government and tampering is something that is really out of question.
The Remedy:
Instead of believing in poker myths believe in your ability as a player and you will always stand a better chance of winning your session.